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We work with leading healthcare providers to bring value-based care and better health outcomes to at-risk patient populations via two purpose-built solutions:

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Our proprietary data analytics platform uses AI and machine-learning on data aggregated from multiple sources including: historical claims, EMR, market intelligence, and SDOH to give a 360-degree view of patient populations. This allows us to identify, high-risk and rising-risk patients, and custom-build initiatives to tackle the toughest problems in population health.


FriendHealth at Home

We address high-risk, vulnerable patient populations by surrounding them with interdisciplinary care teams that provide proactive, in-home care. This is different than episodic home healthcare in that these teams are with their homebound, frail patients longitudinally, addressing everything from chronic conditions to social determinants like food deserts and loneliness. We work with their PCP to make sure patients are getting the care they need to stay healthy and out of the hospital.

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Our model has shown hospital admission reductions by 60% and ER visit reductions by 20% for complex patient populations.


Our care team has an NPS Score of 89.

“I wanted to let you know that Monica was absolutely amazing. She was efficient, quick, extremely proficient, and made me feel extremely comfortable. Thank you for sending such a top notch nurse, and thank you to Monica for being so outstanding. I wish for all patients to have as incredible an experience.”

— Deborah M., New York City


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