Better healthcare in the comfort of your home


We work with leading healthcare providers to bring value-based care and better health outcomes to high-risk patients.


Our integrated care team is available 365 days a year.

We bring multi-disciplinary care teams to the homes of high-risk members to proactively address chronic conditions longitudinally, using care plans tailored to the individual member at no cost to the patient or the provider.


We help members avoid the hospital.

By proactively managing members' chronic conditions in the home frequently, with proven best practices and convenience, our model of care has shown to reduce uncomfortable and costly trips to the hospital by 40%, and ER visits by 20%.


We ensure the entire care continuum is informed in real-time.

Our technology platform maintains patient health information and updates physicians and insurance providers in real-time to drive better outcomes. 


Our Model of Care has shown reductions of hospital admissions by 40% and ER visits by 20% for complex patient populations.


Sophisticated data analysis

friendhealth uses a proprietry data analysis platform for patient stratification to identify high-risk and rising-risk patients that will benefit from high-touch, proactive care outside of the clinic or PCP office.


Comprehensive care

Our multi-disciplinary care teams take a holistic approach to address clinical, social, and behavioral health issues.



We participate in value-based contracts to ensure priority alignment, at zero cost to our partners and their patients.


Our care team has an NPS Score of 89.

“I wanted to let you know that Monica was absolutely amazing. She was efficient, quick, extremely proficient, and made me feel extremely comfortable. Thank you for sending such a top notch nurse, and thank you to Monica for being so outstanding. I wish for all patients to have as incredible an experience.”

— Deborah M., New York City


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